Vintage Living

The term vintage is sometimes utilized to refer to simply old furniture, art, clothing or anything that seems old, really, but to earn the vintage term, a piece in this case furniture, has to earn the title vintage. The piece must belong or has a particular feature from the day. Technically, furniture is considered vintage when it was made back in 1950's until 1980's.  Nowadays, vintage means anything that's at least 20 years old. If a piece of furniture is at least 20 years old, but has been restored, it's still considered vintage.

 If you are considering this in trend style, here is why to give it a try:

1. It Creates a Unique Look. You can incorporate elements that are modern and vintage and create a very cool feel in your living room or kitchen and bedroom. 

2. Shopping Sustainable is Budget Friendly. When you decorate with used furniture you are giving these pieces a second chance to keep shining and giving character to your home. You are bringing these pieces back to life and out of the landfills.

3. The easiness of finding great vintage pieces, just one click away. Hunting for vintage pieces can be exhausting, how we make it a win win for you is that we showcase hundreds of items on our website for you to look at, compare and buy.